About Eraride


    The mission of Eraride is to share mountain biking information, news, tips, and tricks that inspire souls interested in mountain biking adventures. We know the value of this game, and that’s why we took the initiative to create a platform where we use our knowledge and experience to help mountain bikers make expert decisions.

    Our History

    Eraride was first started in 2023 by Muhammad Fayyaz to help mountain bikers with advanced techniques and premium knowledge. if you are wondering why we are doing this, there are already many other platforms that also share and talk about mountain biking, but our aim is very clear and simple. We are not here to generate income through affiliates or anything else. We have created this platform to share our experience and expertise with you. Another important point is that in today’s fast-paced world, everyone is busy with technology, whether its a mobile phone, computer, digital games, or other related things. Everyone is busy, including me. When I was working in the “SEO” industry,. every day I spent my whole time with the computer, and it intrigued and frustrated me at the same time. During this time, a lot of questions came into mind: What is the purpose of my life? Why do I do work every day? And the answer that I got is: just for survival, and then this thing completely changed my thinking process. After all of this, I made up my mind to spend my life with nature, and I found this mountain bike adventure to be my life partner. Initially, when I started my journey, I didn’t know the exact name of this game, but on a daily basis, I read about it for an average of more than six hours a day, and then I decided to start my journey as a mountain biking enthusiast. Now I will share my knowledge with others who are really depressed in their lives and who need some adventure in their lives to cool off their moments.

    Meet Our Team

    In our team, we are four people, and everyone has their own role. Mohammad Fayyaz and Abdul Shabbir are looking after the technical side of the website, which includes marketing, designing, content editing, user queries, and other related things.

    Two other members of our team are professional mountain bikers, and they create and verify the content uploaded on our website. Aladdin and Shobi are both full-time mountain bikers. Alaa Eddine​ has 10 years of mountain biking experience and has ridden every trail in Turkey (according to him). His favorite styles of mountain biking are enduro and downhill. Alaa Eddine​  also teaches beginners about mountain biking.
    Sohaibe​ has 5 years of experience in mountain biking also he is a professional in downhill, trail riding, and dirt jumping. Sohaib is also a full-time biker, and he belongs to Algeria.




    Alaa Eddine

    muhammad fayyaz

    Muhammad Fayyaz

    A semantic SEO strategist, which has started its new journey in mountain biking.

    abdul shabbir

    Abdul Shabir

    Web designer interested in downhill MTB with deep knowledge of local SEO.